• Everyone knows the election was rigged by those rat,bastards Dems ! TRUMP WON !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  and the supreme court knows it but was either too scared or too bought to take it on!!!!!

  • Time for We the People to stand and fight do you think we will be put in jail when their are more true Americans then the idiots you hear or read each day.

    • I am old and disabled but would lay my life on the line on the battle front if I was able.  I will do what I can, whether it is enough or not.  I don't fear death because I know I have a great eternity with Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!


    • Random, disorganized, under-resourced acts of armed violence ... will not persuade the tyrants to reform.  Armed violence will be met with an overwhelming force of arms and those participating in the unlawful resistance will be imprisoned or worse using the 'color of law'. The Marxist want the Patriot movement to respond with violence.  They are goading the People into responding with armed resistance. The Marxist in DC will label any armed resistance as insurrection and domestic terrorism.  Make no mistake the Marxists want the Constitutional Patriot to engage in a spontaneous, UNORGANIZED, and leaderless counter-revolution. Violent opposition will provide the legal cover for the government to PURGE tens of millions from society.

    • How about more refined,like Hunting?...........Search and destroy missions etc. We aren't stupid enough to show up en masse so they can gun us all down!!!

    • While I respect what you have said, I believe you are under estimating "We the People".  Every ground swell starts with "random, disorganized, under-resourced acts ..."  And as far as "goading the People"?  Poking a sleeping animal with a sharp stick is NEVER a good idea. Thank you Mr. Nelson.

    • Well Peter I have been waiting for several decades for that groundswell to start ... and so far I have observed only minor shifts in the sand... no ground swells... a few false starts, but no major movement to reform government.

  • I believe this is one of the reasons Biden is moving ahead so rapidly with this leftist agenda. It is very hard to reverse laws set into place. I think they know their days are numbered, especially with the 2022 elections coming up. May God help us.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  God is our only hope and I daily pray that He will rescue us from tyranny as He often rescued the Israelites in Biblical days!!!!!!!!!!

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