• The FBI is famous for initiating a situation that they can solve in public

  •   Makes no difference any, we are now run by the Democrats who are now Judge, Jury and Exicutioner. I would personally like to think all the O'Biden voters who made this possible! 

    • I don't wish to thank them, but I won't ever forget them either.  And I don't imagine any Kum By Yah happy horse puckey either when they are out of power.

  • Admin Dee, is there any way to contact you or someone about a mime in email issue? I could not find any phone number to call to reach TeaPartyOrg.

  • The DOJ doesn't even need this much of a useless reason to send the FBI to President Donald J. Trump's house. They are under the rule of the deep state who does whatever they please to hold on to power.

  • Where is the phony baloney Supreme Court?  Hiding and avoiding any relevance as usual, which is why our judiciary is so corrupt, a failed inmstitution. 

    • I think they are using common sense. Thanks to the Democrats, our justice system is meaningless now. The A.G. was fine with letting anyone assimilate a Conservative S.C. Judge. 

  • Wouldn't surprise me one bit. 

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