• If she comes to SC, she will need one.  Why would anyone want to help the govt take our rights away?

  • Before the 1st Amendment is the original Amendment... Life, Liberty and the right to Financial Freedom... in other words, TAX Reform..One Tax For All...

    • Are you calling for A FLAT TAX?  Say 10% with no deductions.   That works for me and it is the FAIREST TAX OF ALL.

    • The problem with a flat % is somehow they always creep back up!  Take Mr. Mom... my favorite "Creme filled Twink-kee" Pete Buttigiegs mileage tax.. Since floored it's crept up to now being passed at 9 cents per mile.  

    • Boot a jig, the gender confused that claims to have breast fed the infant someone actually gave him.

      True, there is rate creep.   But at least ALL would have skin in the game.   And those 52% that pay NO INCOME TAXES would pay the 10%.   What all have a say in spending, all should have to help pay for.  NO FREE RIDERS.

    • People complain about the cost of fuel but don't realize this fact about "Twink-kees" mileage tax.  The NHTSA / DOT on Apr 1, 2022 set the new standard for Passenger cars and light trucks MPG. The manufacturers are required to increase gas mileage by 8% per year for 2024 and 2025 and 10% in the 2026 model year to a whopping 49mpg. So... If you do the math 49 miles per gallon x $0.09 mileage tax = $4.41 added to whatever the cost is for a gallon of gas! 

    • Wait til that gets added to the food cost.

      Food doesn't walk to market.

    • So true!


    • Something like 22 food processors destroyed by fire and explosions in a little over 6 months,   So, grow your own or go without is the future.

      Jimmy Carter must be smiling to no longer be the worst president ever.


    • The stuff you buy at the stores are all Bio engineered - GMO "Genetically Modified Organisms", some with seeds will grow a plant, but will not bear fruit!    

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