Trump: Biden Either Lying or 'Mentally Gone' on Vaccine Gaffe

True the Vote, an election integrity group conducting an investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, says massive ballot trafficking occurred in multiple states across the country and will soon be exposed.

“Our findings reveal overwhelming evidence of ballot trafficking,” Catherine Engelbrecht president of True the Vote said earlier this month. “This is a massive undertaking.”

“Once all six states are completed to the best of our ability,” she said, referring to Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, “and if at that point law enforcement still has not acted, we will publicly release it all.”

Although Engelbrecht could not give a timeline as to when this information will go public, she said True the Vote may release it now, “But if it serves the greater good to hold on a while longer, then that’s the option we will take. One way or another ballot trafficking will soon be exposed on a massive scale.”

Using mobile and GPS data, True the Vote was able to undercover, “the travel patterns of ballot traffickers to ballot dropboxes,” in the six different states considered hotspots for voter fraud in the 2020 election.

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  • Trump is the legal president of the country and the Supreme Court will not defend the peoples rights 

    • Because the bullies threaten them, their families.......they are the new mafia.

  • Look for a big nothing burger as the legal profession is totally compromised and corrupt... We need to turn our backs on them socially, their complicity with the fraud is destroying America and they (Lawyers/Officers of the Court) need to act to expose it.. but aren't.

    • But we keep putting them in power! Most everyone in DC is a lawyer and we elect them and give them position of power! People elect judges without knowing where they stand. Of course, they should stand on the side of the constitution, but they have political agendas too, and many excerise their agenda from a position of power WE GIVE THEM!

    • No, FRAUD keeps putting them in power...  At one time Lawyers were considered OFFICERS OF THE COURT... hence, the Constitution barred them from holding any other office... we must return to the precept... all lawyers must give up their license and position as officers of the Judicial system to hold any other elected or appointed office.  The Military still holds to the rule ... one office only.  One can not be Secretary of Defense and also a General in the Military.  One who is a lawyer should not also be a legislator or a member of the Executive Branch... they're already officers of the Judiciary Branch.

  • Here's the deal if you did nothing wrong  sure come look recount what ever you want no problem.  

    BUT if you are or need to hide a discrepancies then you have to fight at every turn.  A SKUNK is easy to find just follow stench. 

  • The election was stolen and they can't prove it was a fair because if it was then they will let everything out with open arms 

  • Quit talking  get it done  .

  • Scientific Fact: "It is impossible to be in two places at the same time." Therefore, One cannot be both Positive and Negative on the Same Topic. Example: "An American found himself in a Gentlemen's Club while in London. He sees an Englishman and ask if he would like a whiskey. The Brit says, " No. Tried it once. Didn't care for the effects and never indulged again. " The American then ask if he would care for a cigar? Again the Brit says, "No. Tried it once and found the taste foul. Never did that again." Not one to quit the American ask if he would like a game of Billiards? Once more the Brit says, "No. Tried it, found it boring, a waste of time and silly." Getting frustrated the American says, "You don't drink, smoke or play pool. What are you doing here in this Club?" To this the Englishman says, "Oh, I'm waiting for my Son." To which the American replies, "I take it he's an only child?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Hopefully this will result in numerous forced recalls and an impeachment


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