Trump: Biden Either Lying or 'Mentally Gone' on Vaccine Gaffe

True the Vote, an election integrity group conducting an investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, says massive ballot trafficking occurred in multiple states across the country and will soon be exposed.

“Our findings reveal overwhelming evidence of ballot trafficking,” Catherine Engelbrecht president of True the Vote said earlier this month. “This is a massive undertaking.”

“Once all six states are completed to the best of our ability,” she said, referring to Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, “and if at that point law enforcement still has not acted, we will publicly release it all.”

Although Engelbrecht could not give a timeline as to when this information will go public, she said True the Vote may release it now, “But if it serves the greater good to hold on a while longer, then that’s the option we will take. One way or another ballot trafficking will soon be exposed on a massive scale.”

Using mobile and GPS data, True the Vote was able to undercover, “the travel patterns of ballot traffickers to ballot dropboxes,” in the six different states considered hotspots for voter fraud in the 2020 election.

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  • The "Truism" still holds, "The wheels of Justice move slow." Perhaps this is what makes Victory taste all the sweeter when served.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Things change only when they are made to change. Refer back to "Prohibition Chicago." Am Capone could not be touched as he "Owned" the Mayor, Police, Council, and MEDIA. Regardless of how anyone's opinion of the consumption of Alcohol, "Corruption" was allowed to run rampant and unchecked from Booze to Murders without "Any Interference", as the most influential received benefits! The same is " True Today!" Wherever there is "Profit for being deaf, dumb and blind", the temptation for Control becomes an Addiction.  Power is the addiction of those in Control at this time. The only  solution open is to remove them from power. The only risk is losing. In this risk the American People are alone without the Courts, the Laws, or Governments.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • we all know this but nothing has changed as usual

    • Not quite.  YET.

      Texas is now joining the audit states. That's a  big deal.

  • Reoccurance of Voter Fraud Can Be Prevented, as Every State has Provisions for "Observers" throughout the entire "Voting Process." Under the various State Statutes these "Observers" have the "Power" to demand at any time, anywhere in the processes, for "Rechecked and Recertifications." All questionable Ballots are to be set aside for later, more Intricate Certification with Observers. The issue lay with complete lack of interest in "Volunteer Observers" in balance with Major/Minor Political Parties and Independent/Non Affiliated. Involvement, not complaints is required for solutions.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I seem to remember vote observers not being allowed anywhere near the count tables.

  • The audits are not about shoulda coulda woulda.   THE AUDITS ARE TO PROVE EITHER THERE WAS FRAUD OR THERE WAS NOT.


    And, that includes criminal charges 

    • "ADDITIONAL ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN TO ENSURE  IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN.  And, that includes criminal charges "

      Oh really, and just how do you imagine any of that will occur?


    • What do you think a forensic audit does?   It looks at everything.  Chain of custody.   Voting machine access, control,etc.

      press charges where they are applicable.

      If that isn't done,it was all a  waste of a helluva lot of taxpayer dollars.

      This isn't a game of tiddly winks.

  • What is this supposed greater good?  Stop the Bullshit.  Exactly, which law enforcement agencies are involved?  What other options do you have besides getting law enforcement to do their jobs and publically releasing what everyone already knows ?

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