• I'm getting under attack too, on NextDoor, it's a neighborhood kind of app and some are Republicans, some are Democrats, explosive subjects are on right now. I wish there would be unbias equivalents to TWITTER and FACEBOOK. They control the market and free speech. Sad

    • Yes-- I open "NextDoor" posts everyday. Sadly, their admins have been ignoring an explosive flow of Anti American dialogue driven by carpet bombing Left Wing word-smithing. Inflamatory posts typically ripe for removal just one year ago now seem to enjoy blanket immunity. By the way, NEXTDOOR is HQ-ed in San Francisco. Surpised? 

      Twitter appears to be enjoying a cycle of revenue growth, so, for now, there's no incentive stop censoring. You might want to consider "Parler." The word's getting around, even on Twitter, about Parler's platform of even-handed fairness. Parler doesn't have the mamouth membership roles of Twitter (yet), but but they're gaining, thanks to an uptick in interest triggered by Twitter's bias against the Right.  

  • Make no mistake about it. And if one doesn't think that all these current created crisis aren't going to be used to INDOCTRINATE YOUR CHILDREN with more BS you are in for a surprise......


    Have your schools have been taken over already ?

    Education Policy as Culture War | Manhattan Institute
    Thirty years ago, when asked to define the purpose of public education, the president of America’s second-largest teachers’ union answered: “Public s…
    • yes, I just opposed the school board of my county because they're removing the name of Stonewall Jackson from a school here. And when I talk about that on local platform some are saying that it's white supremacist culture to keep those names and statues. Northern Virginia stinks a lot, I have to say. And the Republican party in Prince William county doesn't do anything. There was no Republican running for office in my district (school board and VA senate) the last time I voted. Really disturbing!

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