• The Democrats put the soul of this country during (actual) slavery and throughout the Jim Crow century. If they had any decency they would admit it, sit down and shut up

  • I'm sorry to say that if biden wins America as we know it will be done.

  • Hi Everyone

    I'm so glad to find a place where people think what I think. 

    I agree with Lee Zeldin and feel quite depressed about the current situation. I wonder why the US is accused to be a racist nation because that's the only country in the world where Federal law actually enforces regulations to protect everyone from discrimination. You won't find that anywhere else in the world. I studied International Law and the different systems of law existing on the planet, and I swear, the USA is the most advanced country on Earth for freedoms, equality (when you apply for jobs, housing etc) and rights for everyone. We're certainly the less discriminating country in the world (this world, I can't talk for other planets). 

    I just had a tough discussion with residents of Woodbridge VA because Prince William county school district is replacing the name of Stonewall Jackson (local school). School boards take politically oriented decisions, schools become political battleground, it's unacceptable. And Stonewall Jackson was actually one of those rare guys who stood up against the law of VA in order to allow kids of slaves to go to school. Education is as we know, the path to freedom. Today's people can't judge people from the past. We can only learn from the past.

    Lawlessness and insecurity are strategic to democrats. Now they are the Neo-Fascist Democratic Party. They destroy anything cultural, they hate American History, they're nazis.

  • That sleazy puke gavin newsom is flying in covid infected from south of the border to bring up california's infected numbers to infringe the rights of the californians. I suspect the pos governor of Arizona is doing the same thing, they should be tried for treason. If the marxists steal these next elections, American patriots better be prepared to march on Washington DC, and our military had best prepare any weapons for a battle, before the marxists get power, we will need them to take our country back, as well, all the law enforement agencies in America. You have seen what the marxist are going to do first hand, choose your side, you have seen the consequences of their rioting, just be warned, my grandchildren will not have to put up with these evil depraved marxists. President Trump needs to bring Esper and his group of treasonous pentagram generals before a military tribunal, they have taken sides with the communist/marxists. 

    • I am with youy Michael. Trump needs to clean house big time, eliminate all opposition to him, set examples and throw some in jail or better yet, execute some, shut down the fake news, establish a body that monitors the truth of news, get rid of rino traitors in the Party, and drain the swamp.

  • Yes, we are in a battle for the soul of our country!  THis is a battle between good and evil. Lightness and darkness. We are now in a civil war with the army of Satan looting, rioting, burning in the streets!! Satan's army must be slapped down!! God put President Trump to turn America back to God and Satan is fighting every step of the way.  It is imperative that we who love America to vote every communist Satan loving demoncrat out of local, state, and federal offices and to give President a complete landslide win in November!! God is greater!!

  • Look at Biden. Look at how great Trump has made America again. How many people do you know who don't love Trump? There is no way Trump is not going to win in another landslide in November. Don't believe the fear mongers, the fake news, or the fake polls.

    • Paul-- I agree.  And so does this notable "professor," one of a small group of courageous pollsters who dared predict Trump's victory in 2016. Watch this clip from Lou Dobbs:




      Professor who accurately predicted Trump's 2016 win ups the ante 'bigly' for 2020
      Professor Helmut Norpoth, who accurately predicted President Donald Trump's 2016 win, ups the ante in the 2020 election to a whopping 91% chance.
    • Thanks John for this content, I just twitted it and shared to Facebook!

    • You're welcome, Veronique, and welcome to TPCC. And I wish you better luck than I'm having in the Twitter-sphere, where it appears I'm being shaddow-banned. 

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