Can Memes Finally Win the Vaccine War for Science?

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) launched an effort to prevent forced vaccinations in the military after a massive outreach by troops. In a tweet on Monday, Massie said Democrats have attacked his recent proposal to ban forced vaccinations of U.S. troops.

The congressman added he introduced HR 3860 to outlaw vaccine mandates in the military, which has been already back by 24 lawmakers. This came after reports claimed Joe Biden’s Pentagon might require vaccination for U.S. troops by September.

“They want everybody to get vaccinated, even those who don’t need vaccinated,” he asserted. “If you followed the science, the Moderna trial showed there was no benefit of the vaccine to those who recovered from infection. The Pfizer trial showed there was no benefit to those who had from infection from the vaccine.”

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  • Bravo!

  • Funny..The phrase "My body, My choice" is OKAY if you're talking about murdering your baby or chopping off body parts to change your God given gender but when it comes to being forced to take a lethal DEPOP injection it doesn't apply. Go firgure...

  • Do not make ANYONE take this killer vaccine, especially ot military

  • Just what we need - our military members quitting.  But I don't blame them.  This is not something that should be forced on anyone.

  • no babies are murdered in the choice not to vaccinate, so "choice" should be the mantra covering all bodily choices. You get to choose your gender even. Body, mind, & soul control is ultimate human demoralization as goal of left. 

  • The firs thing a Republican controlled House should do after the 2022 mid-terms is Impeach Biden.  The Congress already has myriad of high crimes and misdemeanors this president has commited.  He has allowed an invasion in direct violation of his sworn duty.  He has directed federal officials to disregard federal imminration laws in violation of his constitutional duty.  He has under handed business dealings with China and the Ukraine along with illegal political donations from both.  They impeached President Trump for making a phone call and even after he was out of office (which is unheard of and most likely against the constitution).  

  • "Rep. Massie: U.S. Troops Say They Will Quit If Forced To Vaccinate"

    If they do, then their living experience will no doubt be welcomed in any irregular citizen militias, that might form for reason in the near future.


  • They are right.  If they can't be sent to the border to keep Americans safe, then they should not be used to make Americans get shots.  Joe Biden has lost it.  The republican should bring charges of impeachment against Biden.  If it fails bring more  charges and keep bring new charges every few days.   



    Spanish Researchers Declare: Covid-19 Is Caused by Graphene Oxide – The White Rose
    • Thanks for the link Pam.... Anyone who's read Agenda 21 and its revision 2030 Agenda know this is all part of their plan!

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