• We need more people like Majorie Taylor Greene to stand up for AMERICA!

  • No wonder they hate Marjorie!!.........The Devil hates to be mocked. The C.C.P. can't take itl,just as OUR OWN despots.and we all know what a thin skinned Tyrant that race baiting usurping P.O.S, ,Chairman Bao was. Democrats are Communists and they just stole our country on us!!! EVERYONE KNOWS IT TOO!  Pelosi has admiitted to intentionally ruining and or letting peiople DIE because it was to her political advantage. Communist don't give a damn about human life. UNLESS IT'S THEIR OWN or they can use it for their political gain 

  • She wants a commission to see what she did ????

  • misleading, cover story not mentioned/

    • Robert, I gues you never listened to the  3:43 minute mark, where the reference of the Pelosi having no soul is stated, has well as Rep. Greene's extended comments on the current, souless, self serving government in the grave of WOKE progression.


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