• What's to investigate?  We all know Antifa and BLM are terrorist groups funded by George Soros, and established by the deep state to destroy our society.  

  • We don't need more investigations we need PROSECUTIONS of known criminal conduct... adding more crimes to the list of grievances the public has against the Marxists Democrats is an exercise in futility... Until we prosecute and jail a few major political figures the lawless conduct will continue.

    • By a Jury of WE THE PEOPLE only!


  • Should have taken place a long time ago!

  • She and Laura Boebert are a breath of fresh air but likely won't be successful because most of the gop are deep state TRAITORS, including kevin mccarthy.  They stand with devildemocommiecrats against We the People and any representative who honors the oath of office!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any organization that wants to overthrow the American Republic and replace it with a Marxist socialist form of government are terrorist. They are enemies of state and must be eliminated. The constitution must prevail and not replaced by BLM/Antifa or any terrorist organization. Rep. Greene is a hero.

  • We need MANY more like her!!!

  • Unless we regain control of the Congress and Administration there will be no reform... the Marxist Democrats will continue to ignore the law as they consolidate their power.  They have begun to purge the few remaining conservative constitutionalists in government... the Military, FBI, and Federal Law Enforcement are being purged of White Supremacists... code for any patriot dissidents.  Our Constitution is being ignored and the Union is in critical danger of collapse. 

    • True, and they have lots of help from the deep state gop establishment TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!


    • Look at what the deep state is doing in New York now. They are really trying to destroy our President Donald J Trump because he is a true patriot and conservative.

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