• Honestly, the only thing he has to do to warrant impeachment is take his first breath of the day. 

  • Most of us have been around long enough to know that new legislators start out fine but the system corrupts them rather quickly.  This will not change unless the 17th amendment is repealed and the state's  sword of Damocles is once again held over the heads of Senators and the balance of power is restored. It would also help to have elections one day after tax day. I don't expect a response... Surprise me and we'll chat. 

    • It seem like a convention of the States has been suggested several times in our history. In fact I believe we had one Dec 15, 1791 when the first 10 Amendments were ratified. I'm not a Constituional scholar but a Convention could come back to bite America and Americans in the butt. Especially, when democrats are more supportive of the Communist Manifesto than our Constitution and it is very unlikely that Roberts Rules of Order would govern the debate. What rises the hair on the back of my neck is the Democrats total disregard for the rule of law. So any Convention of the States might just turn out to be a street fight.  Remember, during this last election they committed massive voter fraud and got away with it. With that in mind one has to question just how a convention would fair.  Lets face it, it is questionable if any of the goals WE want would be implemented vs. the goals the communist/democrats want. And remember, rules mean nothing to the democrats, so they would violate them in the first 30 minutes.  


    • Right on ... Steve

      The Congress and its reps would claim they are th State's representatives to the Convention and must be seated.... using their majority and Robert's Rules of Order which they would twist and bend to gain control over the convention and then pass a whole host of unwanted and dangerous Amendments.... to the Constitution... most would not be ratified but some may well squeeze by the states and become Constitutional Law... it's to risky under the present scenario and political majority.

    • If such a Convention was called, how would the delegates be chosen?  How long would it take to organize the Convention?  Could delegates be chosen BFORE the Convention is authorized?

  • It won't go very far as we all know the demothugs as being incharge. AOC and her mob.

  • You all need to get the proof of corruption out on Biden, Pelosi , Harris (funding Antifa, BLM on bail), all of them!

    • Patricia ... I'm a computer engineer in Silicon Valley. We've all heard about the election fraud that was perpetrated against President Trump using the Dominion voting machines ... and we've all properly wailed about it. One thing is sorely missing, though:

      The code (software) that drove Dominion's processing of the recent election should be published into the public domain ... pay that company a one time proper service fee, but publish their code in its entirety.

    • The military has ALL THE PROOF OF VOTER FRAUD AND Biden and Harris will be arrested for treason and removed from office along with the Deep State!!

    • Please God, let Evelyn be right!

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