• Trump is my president.

    • I am right behind you Martha


  • SAME OLD- SAME OLD- SAME OLD CRAP NOTHING WILL GET DONE-!!! 75+ million WILL GET RESULTS-!!! Americans= 75+ million. Congress= 0 and going lower.

    • Congress just pulled off the hijacking of America and its ballot box... how is that nothing?  Instead of condemning the fraud they embraced it and covered for it... both parties.  Congress doesn't need the electorate any longer ... as long as the political parties have Dominion to manufacture and count votes the incumbent wins every time... every time he follows the Party Line.  Welcome, Comrad to the new Soviet Union of Socialist States.

    • Exactly!


    • With the majority of house, and senate democrat they will laugh at us.Plus the tratiors of the Republicans rinos.

    • that's right


    • Not only congress but all officials in those states are criminals as well.

    • you can say that again and nothing will stop them


    • AMEN

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