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  • If they want to label us then, bring it on bastards. I will fight to the death for liberty.


    • Jeff, you are right. It will be just like it was under obummer. No more freedom.

    • it will be worse than Obama years.

  • This are the same people who have been talking of hate for the past five years and now they call a party for unity how stupid can they be.

  • I was listening to Tucker Carlson tonight, and he was saying that General McCrystal said (and he showed the clip of him saying so) that Trump supporters are like ISIS terrorists!!   Media and Democrats in congress keep referring January 6th as an insurrection. They sound like they want us hunted down. I am thinking of AOC's comment about needing to reprogram Trump supporters.  Tucker said that more moderate Democrats and Republicans have to speak out against this branding of Trump supporters now. He invited Tom Cotton on, and Cotton agreed.  Tucker said that talk like this will terrify Trump supporters and then they might, out of fear, do something [violent or crazy]  (The last 2 words are mine as I can't remember exactly what Tucker said but I think that was the implication) .    Tucker also had on his show a professor , David Clemens, who was calling out the Democrats for their double standard calling out how they keep calling the capitol riot "insurrection" and they never criticized the BLM riots over the summer. Tucker did end his show telling us to cheer up.  
    I admit it caused me to panic hearing McCrystal say what he said.
  • Moe Davis is the traitor.

  • Who actually likes libtards? 

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