• Wow what a lady Rep. Boebert is, smart and not afraid to say what she means, not afraid of the enemy to whom she speaks to. To hear her speak reminded me of Sarah Palin who we saw in Madison WI. some time back at a Tea Party Rally. Another Tea Party Group out of Green Bay WI. a chapter run by a wonderful man x Military sponsored a Seminar about Common-Core among other important topics at the time. Prior to the meeting, we were having coffee and a nice  man came to say hi to us, he was a foot ball player for the Green Bay Packers.He and his wife wanted to hear about that topic. Sorry for going on but good memories came back to me since listening to Rep Boebert. 


  • She makes a great speech. These stupid socialist are calling out antifa to fight in the streets. But law abiding citizens best shut up. That only goes so far. Remember, we have the firepower to fight back

  • I like her

  • All you men in Congress take note someone with more balls than you, stand up for your country Demonrats, Rinos and Republicans.

    • You are absolutly right, I have loved this woman since I first saw her campaigning!  She is a treasure!


  • Until We Act To Purge The Evil DemocRats From America They Will Always Win! 

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