Jim Jordan's 5 word Op-Ed.

4875643275?profile=RESIZE_584xWe were right about everything.

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  • God bless Jim Jordan!  He is one of the few that understands what is going on and cares about the people!

    • isn't that the truth we need to stand behind him all the way.

  • Dear Mr. Jordan, you are among a few select politicians who appears to care about these United States above your own personal agenda or benefit.  I commend you for your talent and honesty.  You would make a very fine President but:  They would definitely have to kill you.  Because of what the FED has been allowed to continue to do, I now question Trump's loyalty to this nation.  Big money and Plutocrats are the enemies of our FREE society.  The FED must be terminated AND the top three or four tiers of bankers should be imprisoned.  They should be  fully investigated and ALL of the money returned to the people.  This would be a good start.

    • send this letter to Jim or to the Republican in the white house you should make this letter big so that it sink in into their heads.

  • This blatant immorality will eventually destroy U.S.

  • The Republicans may not be right about everything, but the Democrats are sure wrong about it all!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • isn't that the truth

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