Rep. Jim Clyburn Says He Thinks The Trump 'Pee Tape' Is Real

President Trump signed an executive order on police reform Tuesday at the White House mandating more accountability among U.S. law enforcement as the nation continues to reel over the Minneapolis police killing of unarmed, African American man George Floyd. The measure will center largely on de-escalation training, use-of-force standards, and help bring swifter justice to officers who use excessive force. But as expected Trump's measure was not enough for some Democrats.

"Much, much too little and does not go far enough," Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) reacted on FOX News Channel’s "Special Reportwith Bret Baier. 

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) appears to believe that Trump's action is actually a good stepping stone and called it "helpful" on Wednesday. Not only that, but Sen. Scott has commended the Trump administration for their work to permanently fund Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to enact the FIRST STEP Act to promote criminal justice reform, and - something he can personally attest to - the White House's work on Opportunity Zones to help close the wealth gap. As Sen. Scott noted, it has the potential to bring $75 billion into the most distressed communities in the country.

Clyburn suggested his fellow South Carolinian was full of BS.

CLYBURN: None of that’s true. The fact of the matter is --  

BAIER: None of that’s true?

CLYBURN: None of that is true. I went to an HBCU. I’m a graduate of South Carolina State University. I have been fighting for HBCUs all of my life. This is not the most money that’s ever gone to HBCUs. That is just absolutely not true.

BAIER: What about the FIRST STEP Act or Opportunity Zones?

CLYBURN: Well, the president signed that bill, but Cedric Richmond wrote much more of that bill than the president ever read.

So I know how that bill got done. Hakeem Jeffries wrote that bill. These guys were working on stuff in that bill for I don’t know how many years. How long have we been trying to get these things done?

So they get wrapped into the bill, his son-in-law came up and worked with people to get the bill done, and the president signed it. 

He refused to give any credit to Trump for the successes Scott mentioned because he said he "doesn't deserve it." He also downplayed Sen. Scott's efforts, sharing particular scorn for those Opportunity Zones, which Clyburn called "gentrification on steroids," borrowing a phrase from a local Charleston newspaper.

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  • "Cedric Richmond wrote much more of that bill than the president ever read." Perhaps, thoough Clyburn has no way of knowing that. On the other hand, we know that Obama  had  nothing to do with drafting the ACA as it passed Congress, and probably hasn't read it front to back to this day (the man is admittedly and notoriously intellectually incurious and lazy). 

  • Blacks whine about their lives, yet they keep voting this kind of garbage into office. Most blacks have bought the leftist lies, yet, they can't see how the leftist are just using them. The left wants to keep them on the plantation, they are so full of hate for America that they vote to keep themselves on the plantation.

  • ciyburn has been in office a hundred years and look where we are.  This worthless dingbat hasn't done anything to help the black community. Why do the voters keep electing him? The voters must be dumber than he is. The Republican led states are thriving while the democratic led states are dying! 

    • the black community is their own worse enemy


    • Rigged elections, covered up by lies and broken promises.

    • it's going to be like that for the next generation we better get ready.

  • First of all, how do we know that George Floyd was "african" american?  He was Black but many Black Americans came from places other than Africa.  I have known Black Americans that came from Austrailia. and other countries and continents than Africa.

    Lumping all Black Americans as "African" is a falsehood.

    Second, President Trump has done more for Black Americans than any president, including obama, before him.

    • Why can't folks just be "AMERICAN"? The hyphon is what SEPARATES us all, don't need afro-american, asian-american or ANY other -american, PERIOD!


    • I think it's because such people have no love for their own country, the USA, beause our country has been so besmirched by the commies/haters that they have allegiance to foreign nations. I'd like to see how fast they would want to come home if they ever moved to those slimy places.


  • I do not want to sound like some preacher or something but I can tell you from experience that hating will eventually eat you and your soul for dinner; it does you no good. While hating you will never obtain peach of mind; I have been there.

    I have also learned that being in on legitimate information whether it regards family matters; business; politics; or whatever, is invaluable. I write this because Melanie said she cannot or will not read their drivel which in my opinion is not a wise choice. If you truly want to stay current or maybe ahead of the game information is vital. Personally my  eyes cross when I watch CNN, etc. but you know what? If I am going to spend time exposing them or learning what their intentions are the easiest way to get information is to watch those clowns. Another way I look at it is I cannot consider myself the dumbest critter on the planet as long as I watch the Left in action; it is therpeutic for me in a way. Anyway, good luck to you all and to our Nation also. These are not, as you know, good times for America and our families.


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