Remember the USB drives stolen in Philly?

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  • What the hell do I care about President Trump's tax returns? As long as he saves America is all I give a shit about!

  • Trump has path to victory 1) get an accurate count in Pennsylvania and garner 20 electoral votes 2) have any state legislature refuse to certify their crooked biden results and vote Trump their electoral votes. Easy peasy!!

  • Every single politician should be checked out for tax evasion just like the feds did with Al Capone. No way they can become MULTI millionaires on their salary during their time span in office. 

    • It isn't tax evasion if they are legally being paid to do something in exchange for favors. I'm afraid to say it's all legal. It is corruption and possibly treason however. If they are selling influence to a foreign government or selling classified info to a foreign government. Why would the Hildabeast have so many classified emails on her server. She even had material on her server that was beyond top secret. So TOP SECRET that only a handful of people have access to them. Why would she have that on her server unless she was selling it to the highest bidder. The Clintons have always been in politics to enrich themselves and to hell with our country. While in the White House in the 90's they were renting out the Lincoln bedroom to anyone with $10,000 per night. The Lincoln Bedroom is for guests or dignitaries, not for lining your pockets with cold hard cash. SCUM is what they are.

    • exactly

    • Not so fast, Diane. I'm opposed to Trump having to reveal his tax returns or being checked out for tax evasion while he is under audit anyway.

  • Trump needs to stay with it and present all the evidence in court. The evidence will be overwhelming and he will continue to win every single court case. 

  • Any chance we American loving patriots & Veterans will get justice from this country by putting any of these crooks in prison? Take your pick...clintons, bidens, pelosis, etc. At least correct the illegal Presidential election. Is that too much to ask? God bless our Country & Troops! 

    • The Marxists, oops democrats, don't give a damn for patriots or veterans for they look upon us as the enemy. 

  • I have been online checking for my ballot and all I get is can't be found,how many votes for Trump were never counted,if you have your ticket check and see if it was counted. Let put pressure on this idiots and make them prove all legal ballots are counted 

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