• The Democrats don't need Russia, China or any other country to still our elections they can do it themselves and no one will bring them to Justices but today they are facing the real American and we will not accept Biden our president is Trump and hope he doesn't accept the outcome just as they did with him winning 2016 we are more divided because we know the true and they can't cover it. If you love your country if you want your Freedom fight for it don't give them victory 

  •  time for public hangings for everyone involved in treason acts... 

    • Joseph, YES INDEED!!!!!

  • Even a Democrats see what's happening this is sad.

  • He sees the ultimate threat to democracy that every living person will suffer from if this is allowed to stand.  The devildemocrat party is corrupt and evil but many of their voters, who are honest, conciencious citizens abhor what the corrupt ones are doing!!!!!

    • From what I've witnessed, ALL democrats speak with one voice.

      One lies and 1000 jump up and swear to it as the truth.

      We are now in Deep $hit. This cannot end peacefully.

  • Incredible.

    Let there be war 

  • The document provided is unreadable the video is a block=buster... of a smoking gun... 

    Based on the video testimony of Brian the FBI should be investigating... and upon confirmation, they should arrest the election judges and those individuals mentioned by this concerned citizen.  This is typical of the Marxist movement now conducting a silent insurrection suing the election as a vehicle to take control of the government.  It is time for the President to declare martial law if the FBI and AG will not swiftly act to arrest and indict hundreds if not thousands of election officials nation wide... a quick investigation of workers like Brian should yield thousands of indictments.

  • Twitter pulled the vidieo.

    • Of course they did... but we have copies and they must be sent to every major new outlet and the FBI...  if the FBI fails to investigate the President must fire them all.

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