Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak’s new book 'Red November: Will the Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism?" provides a fascinating and disturbing account of the Democrat Party’s lurch to the hard left during its 2020 primary.

It also tells the tale of how crybully culture spread from college campuses to infect mainstream American culture and politics. A rough beast slouches from academia to the polls to be born, its hour come round at last.

Crybully tactics are a disease that, like so many other hideous ideas of the hard left, grew in the petri dishes of our overpriced universities for years before infecting the general public. It no longer takes an entire generation for these thought-viruses to become epidemics. The Wall Street Journal warned about the “rise of the college crybullies” in 2015. Five years later, they’re vandalizing national monuments, shutting down cities, destroying our common language, and unleashing a wave of crime and murder against terrified voters.

The crybully exploits victimization to gain totalitarian political power, fusing victim and oppressor into a single malign sado-masochistic political entity. The demands of duly accredited victims cannot be refused. They have the divine right to erase history, censor our speech, and ignore the law to achieve their sacred ends. Disagreeing with them is a hate crime. Resisting them is an invitation to violence and destruction that might not be policed or prosecuted, if the victims have the misfortune to live in a Democrat-run city.

Pollak’s book finds the beginning of the crybully moment in the sense of frustrated idealism surrounding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ failed campaign for the 2020 presidential nomination and the inexorable shift of frontrunning candidate Joe Biden toward the hard left. Pollak notes:

On every single issue, Biden had been forced, by his rivals and by his party’s voters, to adopt policies far to the left of his lifelong positions. He endorsed almost every ‘democratic socialist’ priority and program. He wanted ‘Medicare for All’ to be a choice, and proposed a ‘Green New Deal’ with more generous deadlines than those demanded by the far left. Otherwise, there were few distinctions. Like Sanders, Biden saw the 2020 election as an opportunity ‘to fundamentally transform’ America.

The thing about fundamental transformation is that it requires compulsive force to execute. The fundamentally transformed must be given no say in the matter, no option to decline the demands of those who would impose a new way of life upon them. If the left gives conservatives any chance to speak, they would probably go running around and conserving stuff, and we can’t have that.

Pollak recalls feeling the messianic fervor at a Sanders rally on March 1, just a few days before the coronavirus lockdown hammer came crashing down, sufficiently in touch with his left-wing inner child to remember how excited his college-liberal self would have been to watch an avoid socialist come within striking distance of a major-party presidential nomination. The theme of the rally was “Fight the Power,” the title borrowed from a song by Public Enemy… which was in attendance except for exiled member Flavor Flav, who became the public enemy of Public Enemy by snorting that he didn’t want to join the Sanders crusade by providing “the soundtrack of a fake revolution.”

There you have the central contradiction of left-wing thought, the difference between “liberal” and “leftist,” and the womb of cognitive dissonance from which the crybully movement sprang: the understanding that a real revolution requires power, force, violence, and usually killing. Bernie Sanders sincerely wanted a socialist takeover, but he was too wedded to the old political model of persuasion and consensus-building. He worked within the system of Democrat Party politics in 2020, even though the nomination was plainly stolen from him by Democrat power brokers in 2016. 


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