• tell that to Nancy Pelosi because she is the one that make biden the president.


  • Is or i not the title and topic of this thread 'Recent String of Food processing Plant Disastes: Conspiracy or Legitimate Danger"

    Anything else is off topic and HIJACKING according to the rules of the site.

    Not my rules.   If I am held to  the rules,  everybody else should be as well.

    • Nothing punative has happened to you.  You  haven't been suspended, incarcerated, or fined.  Relax, you still comment with total impunity.

    • I believe it is 3 strikes and out.

      Yaknow what I really don't care.   This is a lot of time and effort wasted.  It accomplishes nothing.

  • Apparently the controversies surrounding religion and breast-feeding are still occupying center stage. Fortunately we’ve been able to bypass all the totally insignificant issues of the day. Issues such as: the theft of our election and the election process, the totalitarian regime that’s resulted from that theft, the total inversion of what was once our legal system, the forced indoctrination of our children through public education, the complete takeover of our healthcare system by Bill Gates and various other psychopaths, the prospect of nuclear war being pushed by our “duly elected government”, the destruction of women’s sports by recently discovered new sexes, the sale of America’s farmland and other resources to foreign powers and domestic terrorists, to name just a few.

    The newly founded “Ministry of Truth” probably wouldn’t approve of further discussion on any of these “conspiracy theories”.

    On the bright side: We now know that goat’s milk can be an adequate substitute for baby formula and even breast-feeding.

    I’ll bet the women of rural Ukraine have known about this for generations and have been suppressing that information.

    Are they still going to get the $40 billion?

    • You are correct... more important issues exist that need our attention... Included are the issues in your long laundry list of topics above.  America needs to expose the source and purpose behind the reported critical shortages in key commodities such as food, military munitions, crude oil, fertilizer, productive farmlands, and medical supplies. We need to discuss the underlying power behind the crippling of the US agricultural industry, the shutting down of our light and heavy industry, and the handicapping of our energy production. 

      We need to expose the purpose behind our government allowing the economy and industrial base to be looted by Big Business.  Why they permitted the wholesale transfer of our Nation’s engines of wealth creation to China and the third world (India, Mexico, etc).  All of these events brought us captive to a new world economic order. Betrayal after betrayal by our leadership, in government and industry, has stripped us of the ability to defend against 'asymmetrical warfare' (total war)… economic, political, cultural, and military forms of war.

      The ever-expanding phenomenon of critical shortages needs an in-depth examination… to reveal its source and purpose.  The public needs to know why and how these crises suddenly appear. As if on cue. They need to understand who and what is behind these crises, and how these crises are the product of propaganda more than reality.  

      Exposing our problems and discussing them is important… but it is even more important to properly respond to these artificially created crises. We must not let the tail (propagandist) Wag the Dog (the public debate) or political narrative.  He who controls the narrative establishes the terms for debate and with it the public consensus…

    • Because the Devil is running the show. 

    • The Ukrainian women weren't able to strike a deal with HUNTER for that info

    • Truthfully Marlene I doubt the Ukrainian women know there is a shortage of baby formula... 95.7% breastfeed per UNICEF, the use of goat's milk is available and routinely used by women not able to feed their own children. Wet nursing and the sharing of mother's milk is also culturally accepted.  Formula was expensive before the war and would likely be out of reach for 99% of the nation. 

      This shortage is contrived... a hoax, phony, stagged.

      This entire Baby Formula crisis is a cover for artificially driving up the cost of formula in America and to help create a public panic over a contrived food shortage narrative...

    • what happen if it is true we have a shortage of baby food than what?


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