• Trump fixed the economy, the debt problem, and the budget deficit. Watch the commie demonrats destroy it all quickly. Same happened with W and obummer. 

    • Gonna be hard to do that from a jail cell. I'm' surprised  they haven't figured it out yet!!!


  • The Coup is letting us know how they're going to loot the country already?............How nice of them.

  • Can I barf now??????? There is no building back better with a commie/marxist in charge anywhere in this illegitimate admin.....follow the Constitution...since when do democommienazis care about our Constitutional Republic....

    • They don't. They're done. Biden ain't gonna be President.


  • It reads like the commie manifesto with concrete policy ideas. This is scary. Trump made America great again and these commies will destroy it again just like obummer did. 

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