• Yeah, Beijing Biden will restore America's place in the Word, BY HANDING THEM OUR WALLETS!!!!!

  • When do you think the Democrats will be sending the kill squads or us?

    • Biden follows what obummer did. So, the same will happen as it happened under obummer, i.e. they will come after us almost immediately.

    • That's when we have to start kiling them then. No obedience to tyranny.


  • Biden a/k/a Beijing Biden from now on, and/or DEMENTED OLD FOOL, has already screwed us by saying he will get rid of the Key Stone Pipe Line.  Get ready to see your gas and oil prices to SKYROKET!!!!!!!!!  Socialist/commies screwing hard working middle income Americans AGAIN!!!!

    • This time it's war. It's game time. Liberty or death.

      Crush the COUP!

  • Climate change a priority - let's see I haven't seen a great change in weather over the last few years.  Unfprtunately the Democrats are even intelligent enough to know what climate is.  Climate is the average course of weather in a specific area over a period of years.  Sorry that type of massive change has not happened.  More lies from the Democrat party and their faux-science syncophants.  I should also point out, the citizens of the US have taken significant steps to curb polution.  But what is the Traitor planning to do about China, India and Africa which are the greatest polluters in the world?

    COVID-19 crisis.  Oh yeah - is that why you Democrat idiots called Trump every name under the sun when he restricted travel from China and other places where COVID-19 was spreading.  They were too busy with their first phoney impeachment to care about the virus which has not proven to be a deadly as first anticipated.  I hape to sound like a conspiracy idiot, but I still wonder how the Democrat party worked with the CCP to assure the spread of the disease.  If we had actually followed the science, we could have re-opened schools months ago.  But no the Democrat party had to spread the lies about COVID-19. And now they want to vacinate criminals and techers who have spread the lies because they are too lazy to work before the people who should get it - older people with other health issues.  And

    Racial equality and criminal justice  - come on; every one who does any research knows this is a bunch of nonsense (granted it is getting harder and harder to do effective research on line, but it can be done).  I live in an area where a black criminal walks free until he commits mass murder.  Remember 60% of the major crimes in this country are committed by about 6% of the population (black males).  They very seldom have to pay for the crimes they commit and so they go on and on and on.  They get vastly reduced rates for college education and get preferential treatment both in getting into college and in grading.  Many of them do not even speak correct English.  And let's not forgot who started all this racial justice nonsense - faux-President Obama.  That man is a true racist as are Joe Biden  and Kamala Harris. As for Harris, please make her take a DNA test to prove how "black" she is.  Remember her Jamaican father spoke about being descended from two white salve owning females.  Just because she is part Jamaican (which is not a race) does not make her Negro (the correct anthropoligical term for the black race).  Well since Biden himself is a criminal (although not charged, but the evidence is pretty clear in my opinion) I supposed this is to be expected. 



    • The whole damn Government is criminal,apparently

      We should just ignore them. We should start an underground cash economy too. Like the Before Tyranny times. Anyone remember those?

  • Looks like the first few days will be to see how fast he can bankrupt the country!

    • 100% correct-America will go Bankrupt with biden..

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