• Trump will eliminate all opposition to him and the fake media before you know it.

    • We will see don't we I hope so my friend

  • Well , well, well an American who understands what is really going on in the black community! The black leadership profits from the situation, the black reporting exacerbates the situation and the race pimps like you know who keep it stirred up so no progress can be made. If you want to make progress on the situation you hàve to find out who can discuss the situation, what they want, show you where we need to get and how we measure it. Ýou need a discussion with blacks and whites; not oprah and three of her friends. You need to stop black segregation by breaking up all black groups ĺike naacp, bet, congressional caucus, and any group of only black groups. This would stop the appearance that bļacks don't want to associate with whites. Good ĺuck everybody!!

    • I agree with you but on the other hand, it's never going to happen because the black people are their worst enemy

  • it's about time black people stand with our pressident.

  • Definitely a man of honor. If we would all tell it like it is, the media would fade away. The media could go back to the interNat'l quirer and write stories about Goatman raping Big Foot who had twins that look like anderson cooper and don lemons.

  • AMEN Brother!  HALLELUJAH! And so good to hear.

  • WHY IS THIS NOT BEING SHOWN??????????????????????

    • even the media is racist.



  • Amen!!!

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