• i find it amusing when women defend islam when the koran condones degradement of women

  • Can't they expell these COMMUNISTS?

  • There is no such state as Palestine and there has never been a Palestinian State... the Philistines of the Biblical record are not Palestinians.  Israel has recognized and sanctioned borders... she is a soverign state in the eyes of the UN and the world... Palestine doesn't exist as a legal entity... it is a Marxist and Islamic construct too create havoc in the Mid-East.  

    Israel has every right to banish the pirate populations who identify as Palestinians as the Palestinian Charter is an open declaration of war on Israel... it declares Israel as an enemy and pledges to annihilate Israel from the face of the  Earth.

  • These individuals have absolutely no sense of shame... the comparison of Hama's 3000 round missiles salvo specifically targetting Israel's children, hospitals, and schools with the Jan 6th's civil unrest in DC is like equating Japan's attack on 'Pearl Harbor' with a drive-by shooting... There is no comparison.

    The current attacks by Hamas on Israel are several magnitudes greater in terms of their devastation... in deaths and carnage. Hamas's attack on Israel and Israel's tailored response represents a massive increase in the level of violence over the civil unrest in the Capitol protests. There simply is no comparison.

    These demented individuals hail from the same group of radical Marxists... who compared the January 6th demonstrations with the 9/11 terrorist attack, which took the lives of over 3000. pulled down the world trade center in NY City, and destroyed portions of the Pentagon. This group's penchant for overstating events in order to stir up and excuse hate, strife, and violence is historic Marxist Doctrine.  

  • Stupid ditzy lying broads!!!

  • What do you expect from msnbc, a radical left news outlet? msnbc "journalists" won't and probablt can't report facts. Stop linking to such despicable clips and show us clips where real news are presented like OANN and Newsmax!

  • The squatters known as Palestinians, have no rights .

  • She and the other radicals think it's ok for Hamas to fire missles into Israeli communities but not ok when Israel responds. How would Americans react if Mexico or Canada started dropping bombs on one of our cities?

    Personally I would be firing rockets at the instigators of this madness - the Iranians.

  • Rashida Tlieb is a Palestinian, although I don't know how you can be a Palestinian when they don't have a country and there has not been a country known as Palestine since biblical times (and I mean old testiment here).  She is not American no matter where she was born.  She is one of the last people who should be in congress (more like jail with your anti-American rhetoric. I bet if there was some honest investigation of Democrats, she would be found to have committed treasonous activity!).

  • Should she even be in America especially in Congress. Her and the rest of the squad had to have been elected through voter fraud. 

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