The situation is becoming even more tenuous for Dr. Fauci as the day wears on. In a detailed tweet thread released this afternoon, Jeremy Redfern exposes the NIH - run by Fauci - for changing the definition of "gain of function" in the last few days as this shitstorm of reality struck.

For those that don't know - this is how the NIH defined “gain-of-function” on their website until at least October 19th, 2021. Just 3 days ago...


Now, it looks like this section was deleted, and the page was edited, within the last 2-3 days...

9729624686?profile=RESIZE_584xread more here:

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  • Fortunately the the Fauci Congress relationship of the AIDS era was forty years ago. A large majority of His Conservative Supporters are now Dead and Gone. Forty years previously not even the Members of Congress has the Instant Information Highways available to them as we do today, if they had, the question would be, "How many would have found Fauci credible?" Granted the Citizens and their Children were better educated and harder working and reaped greater rewards for their efforts. Perhaps the "Dying Quivers of the Golden Years" when compared to Present Day. However, if we do not have faith and hope and a strong permanent belief in both, then what have we? We all, at various times, have complained of the dumbing down of our American Graduates. Yet have we ever asked ourselves what it would feel like to in Their Place? It remains to us to find their "Strengths", reveal to them how to build Futures and Lives on those Strengths, and then they discover the American Way. It cannot be told, it must be found by the individual. We want Fauci removed, we must guide the children to recognize his danger.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain 

  • Well said Col Nelson.

  • This quack needs to be charged with Crimes against humanity!!!! 

  • Nothing will be done because they have been fully aware of this criminal behavior for months and have done nothing...  This story is being aired once more to take our focus off the FRAUDULENT ELECTION AUDIT RESULTS and the anticipated legal action it should generate.   It is also redirecting the national narrative away from the economic disaster and supply chain chaos.

    It is time for the GOP to submit Impeachment articles on the President and a host of administrative appointed officials such as Fauci and Wray (Director of the FBI). Daily calls and motions on new articles read on the floor of the House should be tying up the Houses chambers with everything from quarum counts to live reading of all bills present for a vote... shut the place down until they get the message ... enforce the laws of the United States equally by indicting members of the Administration and Congress here probable cause exists that a crime has taken place.

    • Sadly you are correct sir

    • Sounds nice but how do we get it past Pelosi?????

    • Every member of the House can move to have an item placed before the House as a matter of PERSONAL PRIVILEGE.  Normally this motion is not used as it can have a deleterious effect on the House's flow of business... In my opinion that would be just fine.  However, the GOP is obviously reluctant to use such parliamentarian maneuvers to stymie the Marxists running the House... Why?  I assure you the Democrats will use such manuvers if needed.

  • Eventually the truth always comes out.  Unfortunately, during these current dark days, it always seems to be after too many people have drank the koolade that the Biden administration and their co-conspirators in the de"mock"rat party and the media spread.  Too many of the people who have bought the lies, argue fiercely aginst the truth once they hear it (if they are allowed to hear it!).

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