• Rand Paul is right the Democratic Party agreed with unity only if you agree with them what a punch of idiots

  • The last four years, and in particular the last year, have proven that Mr. Paul was always right. He always says what he believes, not what he thinks might be popular. He and President  Trump actually have a lot in common.

  • Well done Senator Paul.I wanted to slap that scrawney pencil necked liberal liar Stephanopoulos upside his little head ! Another pathetic leftist lying commie democrat POS.

  • The certification of an election where thousands of dead voted, thousands of out of state, unsigned absentee ballots, rigged voting machines and tabulation, ballots postmarked after they were received in the mail... and on, and on.. goes the. massive election fraud ...certified by criminals who all need to be jailed.

    • I would like to see Rand Paul present evidence of the above to the Senate!  I envision him wheeling in boxes of evidence and hordes of witnesses.  BTW, where can I find a compilation of evidence of the above on the Internet?  Is there a central Internet database?  As for people voting from out of state, that is legitimate.  US troops posted overseas do that all the time!  Trump himself voted absentee in the Florida portion of the election while residing in the White House!  My stepdad voted in Ohio elections while living with me and my Mom in California!

    • Timothy-The whole point of an absentee ballot is to "allow" disabled and homebound  voters to still vote, legally, or to allow our military, deployed overseas, to vote "in their home state", OR to allow someone who is away from home, for an extended period of time, to still "vote in their home state" - - -as for the latter, it does NOT mean you are allowed to vote "both" in your home state AND the state your are currently visiting, or just happen to have moved to.  Legally, each of US is allowed "one vote" and one vote only.

  • Rand made a fool out of George! Good for him!

    • Not really hard to prove a fool is a fool...  But I will admit that he did a good job of it

  • I wonder if the Dems ever get tired of lying to themselves!  But then again, they were probably brought up to lie so they know no other way!

  • It was a COMPLETE STEAL!!!

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