• The poit of taking his deposition is to compare it with the transcript of the phonecalls and thereby  identify false testimony, aka lying under oath.   ANOTHER CRIME.

    Seems many are missing that point.

  • Absolutely, assisted with a 440 volt hookup to his testicles as a backup for wrong answers.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    • And then a round of water boarding.

  • Not sure about using a polygraph machine, accomplished liars can sometimes beat them. Give him sodium pentathyal (sp) you CANNOT lie under its  influnce

  • Milley also was a two-faced ass kisser and that was how he got ahead in rank. That for someone with rank who pushes the Woke issue he must get his ass kicked out of the military and his rank stripped. However, he is connected to the right President as they both are NUTS.

  • You got that right Senator Paul.  Hopefully the rest of the Senate will take your advice.  Because if we rely on Wayward Wray or Gruesome Garland - it will never happen.

    • The dictatorship is HERE.   

      We are now in a war on our own land.   


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