Seattle radio host and Twitter-based criminal defense advocate Paul Gallant "dunked" on President Donald Trump last month by denying that the riots are violent, then the radio host was scored on by rioters who set fire to his apartment. Now he's taking up arms.

"Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging, or deaths," Gallant responded in June to Trump's tweet calling out the violent leftists who continue to terrorize Seattle. "Chill dawg," Gallant added sarcastically.

Last night, Gallant had a sudden change of heart towards the "peaceful protestors" when he came home to his apartment complex vandalized. He found the Starbucks underneath torched with graffiti plastered on the storefront. Cops told residents to stay away in case of explosives inside.

He's was defending criminals before but he's "[r]eally angry right now.'"

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  • Aw. Hipster chump got spit-roasted. I'm weeping. Something about "chickens coming home to roost."

  • Just another brain dead millennial, too bad his actual apartment wasnt ransacked.......this is another Trump hating idiot who cannot rationalize shit like riots, Chinese virus and the actual fact that we have enemies outside this nation and within.  Paul Gallant is an example of a self righteous idiot. 


  • Poor baby. Found out they are not peaceful after all. See if he will really use that gun

    • Probably hasn't figured out which end of the gun is the business end yet.

  • Libtard!

  • Way too small justice for lying as a so called radio journalist.  Ho,Ho,Ho!  God is NOT mocked and he hates lying.

  • I hope that's not what it takes to wake up the majority or it will be way too late

  • Another American is joining our side. Victory will be so sweet in November. 

  • He could have cared less what happened to anyone else, what a jkas, only when it hit him personally.

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