• She has never picked cotton and I have never owned a slave. She chooses to live and dwell in the past as it affords her a a good income serving no positive purpose.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • "Ignorance is Bliss"......

  • All this person is doing is continuing to drive a wedge between the races.  She knows nothing about bringing the country together.  Why is she teaching our college students?????

  • Did such wonderful things for centuries untill these evil whites showed up. Take for example south Africa. Once those EVIL whites were driven out and blacks took control thanks to there communist leader Nelson Mandela. Murder, riots and best of all looting are the events of the day now, SO much better now. Even the black female police are seen looting and loading store items into there police cars. Yes, black run governments are so much better once the evil whites have been delt with.

    • Rhodesia, renamed Zimbabwe, is even worse. If you want to observe the most sever form of racism it can be found there against whites. 

  • Would it be better if we just let you, black people, into our homes to steal from us, white people? This bag of gas hasn`t missed any meals. It`s time to put an end to all government programs. Now rave on biatch.

  • She is a racist black bitch.  She, and all people like her, do nothing but create resentment toward black people.

  • Before she attempts teaching the "History of Slavery in America" she needs to actually study the "History of Slavery in Africa." Tribal slave gathering to be "Sold to other Nations' Peoples" occurred  millennia prior to the discovery of the Americas, most normally by Sophisticated Tribes over Ignorant Primitive Tribes who but up little to no resistance. The "Captured Peoples stood by while their old and infinite were killed and babies swung by the ankles bashing their skulls against rocks and trees. These atrocities done by their own, on their own soil fourtenn centuries prior to the Founding of the United States of America. She does not Teach. She Indoctrinates!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This kind of crap causes a decline in respect for the black people.  

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