• This is by definition DOMESTIC TERRORISM and those arrested should be charged with Domestic Terrorism...shipped to GITMO and tried in a militray tribunal... if guilty, stripped of their US CItizenship and dumped off in Afghanistan or some other third world nation where they can identify with the locals.

  • If Floyd were not the one killed,would he be looting,rioting,destroying police cars and burn the city down? I have noticed most of the rioters are Antifa and BLM IMPORTS and WHITE college age,the media is pissing on the riots with gasoline and the politicans in Minesota are absolutely worthless. Ironic Sharpton comes to town and the riots got worse.

  • Man will never learn.  Abusive authority will pay a steep price. The Boston Tea Party started out non violent, but look what happened.  The French Revolution was the result of ignored messages from the people, and abuse of power. They lost their heads over this.  Heads will be lost in this country too, soon enough. This is a social revolution of the worst kind.

    • These messages are not from the  PEOPLE.. they are from radical domestic terrorist groups and we need to label them as such... use the Patriot Act to prosecute them and send them to GITMO for life.  Anyone CONFUSING these domestic terrorists with the PEOPLE needs to seriously examine where they have been and how they can equate these riots and lawless conduct with the Boston Tea Party...  These are the spontaneous acts of anarchist and communist agents or dupes.

  • Protesting turning into domestic terrorism

    • Again... you are WRONG...

      Protests are not generally designed to burn down cities, loot shops, or destroy police stations... Those acts are not protests, they are acts of Domestic Terror and violence.  You need to examine the basis for your views and understanding.  Marxists and socialists love to invite DUPES to unwittingly take up their cause.

      Again... Protests are not Domestic Terrorism.  Terrorism is unlawful and generally includes phyiscal and psychological destruction and harm... while,  lawful protests do neither...

  • I bet Sharpton, Soros and Obama are involved. Doing everything they can to destroy Trump but fortunately many of us are on to them.  No Federal $$$ either to rebuild.

  • Domestic terrorism for sure!

  • I guess the protesters don't learn from past BBC destruction of local businesses. Were I the owner/manager of one of these destroyed businesses I would do everything possible to NOT reopen in these vicinities. Let the locals suffer because these are NOT demonstrations but rather RIOTS!

    • Check out the Watts riots from years ago.


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