Gentle readers since all these libertards keep on chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” I am going to take up the very same chant in memory of one my deseased friends whose name you will find on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, District of Coumbia or as I prefer to refer to it as Sodom on the Potomoc his name Danial James Faulkner and at 3:55 am on December 9, 1981 he did a traffic stop Officer Faulkner stopped the driver of a light blue Volkswagen diven by William Cook at the corner of Thirteenth and Locust Streets for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Officer Faulkner had the driver exit the vehicle and William Cook then assaulted him which was a very bad move since Danny was a fellow Army veteran and a veteran of more than a few barroom brawls. So Danny tuned him up and cuffed up. Then Wesley Cook alais Mumia Abu-Jamal  The prosecution presented two witnesses from the hospital where Abu-Jamal was treated. Hospital security guard Priscilla Durham and Phialdephia police officer Garry Bell testified that Abu-Jamal said in the hospital, "I shot the motherfucker, and I hope the motherfucker dies." Gentle reader please forgive me since that is a direct quote from the trial transcript and you all know I am gifted with a much more refined vocabulary courtesy of a Valley Forge Military Academy education. That was a shameless endorsement for my loving mother.

    • Nothing to forgive.  The truth is the truth.  It's not always pleasant, or what we'd LIKE to hear.  But, it's always better than trying to camoflauge it.  Truth is sometimes painful, but it's easier to deal with than secrets, mistruths and even outright lies.


  • I just heard from Natural News the Health Ranger's opinion is that the victim was purposly killed on camera purposly to start the race riots. That is why the Video was so hard to watch it was an actual live murder.  The officer was chosen to do the killing while being filmed for the knee on the neck is known to be a death blow. Hmmmmmm I think he agrees with the Soros fingerprint part. These people are not going to just give in and give up.  If they go down, they will do everything to take you with them.  This is evil like we have never seen before pure evil they worship lucifer the go to the churh of lucifer they don't care about truth.  I don't think they think they can even die.  They think they are above all Gods and have unlimited power and can do anything they want.  The only thing that will stop them is a wall of God Beliviers who have pure and honest thoughts with a prue and honest heart.  God Will Win Nothing can stop what is comming.

    • Rember gentle readers just because you are paranoid does not mean someone out there is not out there to get you! 

    • What gives you reason to think that we are paranoid. The thought has never entered my mind. 

    • I find it difficult to believe that the murder was planned to create a crisis... I believe the current crisis was the result of opportunistic exploitation by the left and progressives... not planned.

    • Perhaps.  But I would put nothing past George Soros at this point and, unfortunately, there are always a few police officers that are corrupt.  Soros is getting old and has given $18 billion to his Open Society to push his socialist/globalist agenda and Trump is a barrier to his (and his elite cronies) plan for world domination.  His money goes to support antifa, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center and other radical groups.  So again, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he would stage something like this.

    • We thought the Nazi's were bad well they are either back or they never went away.  THIER BACK!!!!! But not in control at least loosing the control they had.

  • It seems to me that is there a difference between domestic terrorism, and what we could call democrat terrorism?

  • WIthout a doubt, domestic terrorism.  Soros' fingerprints are all over this.  DESPERATION AND FEAR of loosing control!

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