• By the way... reports that the victim was under the influence of something... drugs or alcohol may explain lots regarding the restraint... and we need an autopsy to determine cause of death.  We will all look very silly if he turns out to have died from a drug overdose.

    • I listened to Bonjino yesterday, he said from what he saw on the video this hold was after they had in cuffs and he, the prisoner, was subdued.  Bonjino like other police officers have said , its over once you have the cuffs on,  Stand up and back away.  They may stand up and try to fight but you have the advantage. It over once the cuffs are on.

      I don't know, I don't think the officer will be found inocent at all I think in fact he will be lynched (maybe only verbally) to the highest pole What ever you do keep the narative going so that we can't talk about the real news like all the diclassifactions involving the Flynn Sullivan trial case and other things.  If anything this will be used to generate as much distrust and hate as possable to start as many riots as possable and unrest across America.  Now that's a story the MSM will love to tell.

    • Maybe the entire episode was staged just for the reasons you listed Joan... it is quite within the realm of the left to do so...too, choose one of many similar incidents occurring monthly in the US and then flowing it up with the intent to drive the narrative away from the criminal conduct being unmasked in the halls of justice and the Democrat Party.

    • For example, Bonjino and others have said Flynns conversation with the Russian (I forgot his name) has been declassifiend by Grinnell as the last thing he did as walking out the door.  The transcript hasn't been release to the public yet but ---- Bonjino hinted at what if Flynn was never asked about Sanscions by the FBI and what if he didn't even talk about sancions during his conversation with the Russian"  How could he lie about something he was never asked?  Now nobody has to talk about it because someone is burning down Police headquarters.  And you want everyone wondering if they are just upset (destroyers), or are really big bad terrourist (destroyers) or that there really isn't a fire going on at all.  That's how MSM plays it and that is how they are going to play it now.  Keep the Public scared out of their common sense and hidding in the closet. You cetainly don't want them to venture out without a face mask and vote now would we.  Just mail in your ballot and you will be safe at home hidding under the bed. 

      I guess they forgot all about the Tea Party we started small but made one great impact that is how we got TRUMP!!!!!

      When I first got started with this and I got my first real computer, I typed in Tea Party and got listing for where to buy Tea and Tea Cups, the internet didn't even have a link to anything else.  Boy we have come a long way. That was at the start of the O presidency

      Works Right?

  • Well, From my searching of the Internet and listing to Q post and the ANON's who do the interpetation it goes something like this. The D must win this election, If they don't it will be all over I mean all over.  This is the last game or weapon they have to play.  Trump has won, out played them in all others. The police officer, the man he took down, the resulting riots I'm sure were enginered in some way for the purpose of MSM.  It don't cover story or news of the day, but to tell us a story (Bonjeno Sp say)  their story which has nothing to do with the daily news releases of the D's and the O and the previous shadow governemt and the hearings and major stories.  MSM doesn't have to cover it because they are too busy covering the Explosive story of riots.  I have read to expect more a whole lot more.  They have to not let anyone hear the real stories or the truth of the explosive news being reliesed on their (MSM, D, O) CRIMES things like Flynn and Judge Sullivan are not even mentioned anymore.  Oh I hear the next shoes to drop are all about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Clinton Both Clinton's Go out an buy more popcorn the exciting part hasn't even started yet.

    Pray for Trump, Pray for America and Stay Safe and be aware of evil

    I thought I knew Dems but never ever thought they would turn to this much evil to maintain control and power. They have lost their soul

    Pay to God

    This is staged oh I don't mean not real.  It's real all right people are dead buildings are being burned I wouldn't be suprised if MSM isn't lighting some of the fires.

    What I think is halarious (funny) is how the MSM say Oh look they are all wearing thier mask.  Yes they are and it isn't because of some stupid C-19, it to cover their identity as in all criminals.  This people are sick and very, very dangersous and very, very evil.  There will be more to come especially with Twitter.  This is War.  

  • As George Floyd Video Makes MSM Headlines, Clip of Black Cop Violently Choking Young Man Nowhere To Be Seen



    Clip of Black Cop Violently Choking Young Man Goes Underreported as George Floyd Video Explodes
    While no account of police brutality is welcome news, this video could present an uncomfortable truth for those looking to divide the nation.
    • As you know Marilyn .... Black on Black crimes go unreported as they don't serve to engender racial strife... Black Cops murdering white men also go unreported... as they too don't serve to create racial strife.  Race-baiting is a one-way street... it can only be used to highlight racism in the White race.

    • No shit!

  • they all need to be in jail.

  • These messages are not from the PEOPLE.. they are from radical domestic terrorist groups and we need to label them as such... use the Patriot Act to prosecute them and send them to GITMO for life. Anyone CONFUSING these domestic terrorists with the PEOPLE needs to seriously examine who they have been listening too and their basis for equating these riots and lawless conduct to the Boston Tea Party...

    These are the spontaneous acts of anarchist and communist agents or their dupes... History is replete with such acts of violence for the purpose of terrorizing a population and getting them to acquiesce to the terrorist's demands... often cloaked as social justice.

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