The publisher of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s book on leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped all promotion of the book, the New York Times reported Monday.

Cuomo published the book, titled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic,” in late 2020. A representative for the book’s publisher, Crown Publishing Group, told NYT that it had no plans to promote or reprint Cuomo’s book due to the ongoing scandals, primarily his administration’s coverup of nursing home deaths.

Cuomo’s administration has come under withering fire for concealing the true number of nursing home residents in his state who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving out those who died after being transferred to hospitals.


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  • I am going to start calling this Pandemic Exactly What It IS..! It IS GENOCIDE and Population Control mostly aimed at people of around age 60 and up..! We will still fight For Our Constitution and Bill Of Rights and that stands in the way of the Communist Bastards Implimenting their New One World Order..! Old Republicans and Most Old Democrats Both Will Still Stand Strong Against Communism in the USA... People Aged 60 to 75 Will Still Fight and Can..! They Want Rid Of The Unindoctrinated and Especially Unindoctrinated Christians..!!!

    • Most younger people don't know just how strong and powerful Most  60 to 75 year olds actually still are and they Will Fight..!

  • Cuomo was a propogator of this crisis to initiate and manage the protocols of the cities, hospitals, and media to run the numbers up of the death tolls and to make this pandemic a "THING". Covid has been mass marketed to instill fear and manufacture drama upon the American people to allow an authoritarianism state to be imposed on our society.  Cuomo is welcoming any and every distraction to keep people off of the trail of his involvement in the murders of so many of his fellow state residents.

  • Democrats will publish anything to promote their agenda. Maybe  Crown will wake up after this and learn about the democrat party.

  • It should never have been published in the first place!

This reply was deleted.