• Funny thing about field interviews without arrest. No one has to participate.

    Learn the magic phrase,"I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY".

    Even better, since the Covid creeps are on your property uninvited, if you have a fence and they are inside it, tell them to leave (make sure the mailbox is at the gate, its location defines the access). Then call the cops.

    If they have the mailmans access to the door, no not answer it.

    Its not being rude, you simply have no obligation to be interviewed.

    If a calling card is left, do nor respond but simply frame it as a reminder that, 'it can happen here".

  • Of course he makes insane statement.  He is insane.  

  • This idiot of our President needs to go door to door looking for a brain that actually stills works

  • This is dictatorship this is government control We the People say go to hell our Declaration of Independence is bigger and more powerful then your stupidity laws 

  • Most of the Fed Reps work fo the benefit of the globalist, and not for ours.

    I supposed they were given the order that all americans must get the mark of the beast.

  • So...are we in Hitler's Germany now???? Or Stalin's Russia??? or Pol Pots Cambodia?????

    • We are headed in that direction... Its time for the people to wake up and smell the gun powder........

  • Biden can take his fake vaccine and shoot it up his asshole. Anyone dumb enough to come to my place will get a blunt re-education

    • WOW!!  I really like that response, Edward!  This whole totally failed Bite-Me Administration is a disgrace and needs to be defeated in 2022 and 2024!!  If this is our Marxist future, we had better find a new country in which to live!  Right now, even Hungary is looking a helluva lot better (that is, with Orban at the helm)!

    • You got the perfect answer! 


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