• Will someone please tell this lady that her idiot fake president and all his followers are responsible for the problems we are facing 

  • No Pissantki - they are the fault of the Biden administration.  And that you keep lying about it, proves how low you really are!

  • Hay you poor excuse  for a human  , your Illagitament  POS  IN OUR WHITE HOUSE  and your commie party are at fault  . Not we the true people  .

  • Thanks Jen, I just love it when you degraded AMERICANS THAT PAYS YOUR SALARY-!!! JUST KEEP PISSING TAXPAYERS OFF- Jan.6th was just the tip-!!!

  • She is a total waste of human skin. Probably uses the mens bathroom too.The democrap party needs to go!!!


    Of course it's our fault! So is Climate Change, Racism, Jan 6th attack, parent terrorsits at school board meetings. 

    Can anyone think of some wrong that is NOT Americans fault? 

  • She is about one brain dead idiot that needs to stick her head in the stool and flush it....

  • actually she is right. We let the Commies steal the election


  • Oh come on!!! Man up Grow a Pair, Own it, it is on your watch! You screwed up now fix it!!!

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