• stupid as well as sick mind.

  • Slutsaki needs to stick it in her ear 

  • This is how elitist socialist think that we common folks no nothing about finances, increases in goods or taxes that affect us. Her message is for the welfare recipients who don’t want to work people.

  • What a moronic ideology  fool !

  • She obviously adheres to the philosophy of "Tax the Rich to Feed the Poor." It keeps people such as them in Office and the "Receivers" ignorant with their hands out forever, and angrily demanding more. What "They" all so Short Sighted forget is "Until there are No Rich to Tax No More." Only when people actually pay for what they and theirs need are "Personal Finances Tracked."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Stupid twisting lying bitch

  • She obviously is not talking about the majority of Americans.  What a dunce!  Any of us who don't survive on welfare know the state of our finances and how the disasterous de"mock"rat policies screw them up royally!

  • At least she got straight to the point that Americans are ignorant idiots, she didn't have to circle back to it!

    She is correct, those who they know as Americans are the ones relying on the government for survival, they do not look at their finances, just waiting for the next check.

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