• Can the democrats not find someone to replace pepperment pattie so she can move on to her new gig?

  • She needs to stick her head in an oven and inhale deeply with the gas turned on, so BOO HOO THE C**T.

  • peppermint patty is as delusional as she is evil, a LIAR and a communist puppet!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good points, history tells us that once a useful idiot outlives their usefulness ... 

    • Yes, indeed, once not needed they are executed!!!!!!!!!!


    • The not so MSM should cover that live!  After all, they're next ...

    • I call them the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists because that description is VERY ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!


  • Interesting, her voice did not crack at all...after what appears to be fake tears.  If she has kids perhaps HHS should consider investigating her for child abuse.  She was right on the main point however, this not what what the U.S. is about.  I vote for a 96 hour psych evaluation.  All in favor, call the White House and leave a polite message.  We are truely concerned about her.

    • What is the white house's phone number?

    • she is as phony as a $3 bill, typical devildemocommiecrat!!!!!!!!!!


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