• Just as logical as bringing suit against the Gulf of Mexico for the Hurricane that damaged New Orleans! Probably feeds her kids with a "Starter Wad" of Yesterday's Leftover Oatmeal added to Today's, just to show her "Appreciation!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Krunt..............She's earned the name.

  • Same to you, Lynn.

    I do my best to keep a bright disposition but these are trying times & I get grumpy sometimes.

    Still, I believe American values will prevail relatively soon & these Leftist skunks will be tossed out and the leaders punished.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Jim. Remember, if you can't laugh at it, you can't live with it.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Lynn...I laughed so loud at that one my wife asked why I chortled so much.

    That's an event almost as bad as being locked in a room with Hillary.

    • Good one, Jim!

    • Thanks, Melanie ... And I hope you & yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving & happy holidays season. Remember this: virtue (Americanism) always triumphs in the end ...


    • Ditto!


  • You're right Jim. I suppose the only possible thing worse would be to wake up with both of them in bed and have the hairy beefy one tell you "She's just the Bride's Maid." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Eeww..


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