• What an ass wipe! We no longer had an issue with the border, The remaine in Mexico was working, building the wall was working! Bidens handlers had ended Trump border policies and Biden made his amnestee police during the basment campaine has been the full cause of the isue at the border. This is a BIDEN caused event! Trump's policies were working and Biden through them in the trash on his first day in office!

    • This is how insane the Democratic party has been they are purely Demonic 

  • She is a real looneytoon blaming Trump!!!

  • Sorry waste of space.

  • Tell that lie enough times some dumbbell will believe you.  Keep fighting Patriots!  We do not need our future generations growing up in a 3rd world country.

  • PSAKI is a Tweety Bird. A blonde is smarter then this broad. That's all the Dummycrats can do is Whine and blame others instead of themselves.

    Nothing but a bunch of losers.

  • The WALL Was VERY Effective..! And Trumps Policies Were Totally Effective..! The Bullshit at the boarder Only Started Back Ful Tilt Again After They Decread China Joe The Winner Of The Fraud Election..!  I REALLY Dislike that stupid bitch..! She spits out shit as if she was in on the decision making and that it is her task at hand..! Wormy Bitch..!

    • She very welll may be!

  • My foot was like that when Joe Biden was the vice president.

  • I call her pissantki, but I think that is probably an insult to pissants.  She knows only Democrati talking points.  When I compare her to Kayleigh Mceneny she comes off as a 0 minus 1000.

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