• Where was our Right to make our own "Health Decisions" when Covid Vaccines were being FORCED upon millions of people who did NOT WANT THEM?!?!?!?  Where was the Right to Peaceful Protest ANYWHERE, when J6 happened?  This little B_tch is the biggest HYPOCRITE in D.C!

  • sounds like a page out of the nazi playbook. when hitler used the burning of the reichstagg to promote furthering of his agenda - which included violence toward others

  • She is one lost soul

  • Would expect anything else from this traitor tramp ?


  • Sounds like the left is endorsing Mob Rule?  If you don't get what you want throw yourself on the floor kick scream cry! !  We have all seen children act this way from time to time.  I told a mom one time in a restaurant if you continue to put up with this, this child will rule your home. If you want to run your home take that child to the bath room and bust his butt give him something to cry about and it will end. Like wise we have to quit putting up with this Crap! There is a proper way behave. There has to be coniquences for bad behavior! 

  • Armed guards 24/7 and if you step over the line then a bullet to your head...this shit will stop right now!!!

    • As it should be 

  • I'm curious are these communest attacking  only Conservative  judges  and not devilcrat judges?  Something stinks  here.. 

  • maybe people should protest at her home

    • YES‼️. Give her a taste of her own ignorance ‼️

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