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  • California now has mail in ballots.

    Any replies?

  • They are the early birds:  see this great video about what the evil planners have in store for the sheeple.
    MUST SEE VIDEO: "No Way Back - 20 year Fema Officer Lays Out The Very Long Planned "Great Reset" Agenda
    London Real – Part 2: Banned by YouTube and Vimeo
    Chemtrails Project UK is a campaign to ban chemtrails and geoengineering. All it takes is a few minutes and an open mind to learn the truth about che…
  • Bringing firearms to this protest is meant to send THIS MESSAGE:

    Although you may have taken away our first amendment rights temporarily;

    You will find taking away the second amendment will be a great deal more difficult.


    • Its the second amendment that protects the first amendment, therefore, its time to end this tyranny!

    • I totally agree with you but the question remains how do we end this madness going on in the white house.

    • The madness is not in he White House but in the One World Government House!!!!!


    • they will force you to disowned the second amendment because it's to old what I am saying right now it's going to happened rather we like it or not and that's the way it's headed.


    • Only if we let it, only if we break away from God, only if we do not trust in Jesus, only if we do not repent!

  • Of course these protest will continue.....If they don't, we lose our liberty and our freedom to choose...The tyranny has to end now!

    • during the Obama administration, there was plenty of protests of which they were no good at all now we have this crisis in Michigan and the people protest about that do you think it's wise for the in Michigan to protest about the governor? 

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