• Burger King was already on my boycott list and It simply has moved to the top of the list now!

  • Then, let the buying public decide. 

  • The real American patriots must stick together. If the SHEEPLE want to eat there, go ahead. The businesses would suffer more if the normals stop going there. Do not go there ever. Same with any business that treats you like enimies of the State

    • Believe this I will never go out to eat anywhere this administration wants to control me.

  • I'm REALLY disappointed in the police for backing this BS

    • A private business has a right to refuse service except of course if they are doing so as a matter of a business' religious conviction. 

      In this case one police officer could simply have advised the customers that the management will not serve them and they need to leave. Then the customer has a valid complaint to file a lawsuit although I doubt they would get very far seeing that to many of the judges are 'Woke'.

      I only ate Burger King food once and then while on a trip with my husband. Never did after that for I thought their hamburgers were terrible.

  • Burger King is off my list as of now!

    • Their store here closed.   So did a McDonalds.

  • If seems business' like Burger King can refuse to allow anyone into their premises unless they show the VAX PASS, they get a free ride on this issue yet the flower shops and photo companies that refuse to service homosexual weddings are held to a different standard and fined. Even Chic-fil-a gets attacked, not because they refuse to serve homosexuals, which they don't, but because the owner is a Christian and not afraid to say so.

    • Diane, our country has instituted a war against Christianity and look where it is going, down the drain!!!!!!!!!!

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