• So similar to the "Oath of Fascism" as the shake the "Terrors of the Nazis Awake from their Graves!" We collectively must have forgotten Our History, for We seem Doomed to repeat it!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • They can take he vaccine and stick it where the sun don't shine. This is all about controlling the sheeple. From what I'm seeing, it's easy. I still see sheeple wearing masks outside with no one near them. I can fully undedrstand how Hitler, Salin, Mao, and otherrs got to be the evil dictators. 

  • If you are dumb enough to get the JAB, NOT SPEAK UP on the number of deaths that were NOT "covid", YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE! Every "essential worker" KNOWS this all is a lie!

  • These idiots are out of control!!This is the thanks these healthcare people get.  What a disgrace.


  • We live in a dictatorship with a dummy puppet at the head. We all know how dictators treat their citizens. Agree or die.

  • We have personal rights under the constitution 

    • Try to exercise them and get fired, canceled, and/or jailed.

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