• You were batting 1000 until you said; "All Law Must be distributed equally, without moral or emotional judgement."   All laws are expressions of moral judgments. The Law must be applied by moral and religious people to be just.

    • Could your observation be a proof that Secular Humanism is a religious belief system?

      Seems to me it would follow, since Secular Humanism embraces the notion of blind justice in administrated law.

      Which interestingly would elevate Humanity to a divine status to whch moral and religious concerns would then be germaine.

      It then follows that particular disbelief in a supernatural divine being does not nessesarily result in amorality and non-religious belief.


      9607925298?profile=RESIZE_400xI am listening to the sizzle of the fuse.

      See, this is why I don't do sophistry

      for arguement practice anymore.

      It costs friends.

      Please don't burn me at the stake!

    • Perhaps "fair and impartial" was intended as more precise?

      The Goddess is blindfolded, after all.


  • Gosh they sure have me scared Just look at all that non-violence!

  • Where do they get the prosecutors, FBI, and local law enforcement willing to create such a lie... as to call this peaceful assembly an insurrection... even if it were violent no one made any attempts to remove the government .. no demands by the insurrectionists.   What needs to happen is an investigation made into the prosecutorial abuse and false arrests ... firing all of those government agents that engaged in the big lie.

  • Insurrection. 😂😂😂😂

    • Oh, my, gosh! Just look at all those violent rioters and looters!

  • Just to cover lies that all they do 

  • Just another violent insurrrction.


  • "Much ado about nothing."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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