• Am I wrong to believe that since We The People Taxpayers paid for the US Capital, that we are not trespassing when we enter the building (our property) especially when the police invite us in?  Illegal alien criminal TRESPASSING INVADERS are charged with no crime.  I think something stinks in DC!

    • That's how I see it. We built it. We bought it. We own it.

  • tHEIR Reichguard fire two was another big COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONIST FAIL.

  • "Storm the Bastille!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Oh my!! Somebody protect me from these ticked off American Patriots!!! I don’t know why they are here! Maybe it is because Biden and his Comrades cheated on the 2020 election, and these people want to let us know how they feel???? Somebody help Pelosi get to the cafeteria. Oh my!!!!!!!!!

  • Somehow, I don't feel threatened by this.

    Congress did?


    • I don't feel threatened either, I don't see chairs flying, fighting, destruction of property or anything that would indicate an insurection... All I see is people in the PEOPLE'S HOUSE!!  I guess Congress feared the people , rightfully so........

  • Wow! Where is the insurrection. The prosecutors should be  arrested. 

  • Well Colonel, this is not new and therefore not unusual. Historically we praise Abraham Lincoln, yet did he not break covenant with The Citizens Bill of Rights guaranteeing payments for all properties seized? Her when Confess established Laws preventing "Slave Owners" from taking "Their Property" with them to New States and Territories, that was "Taking!" Especially when pioneers occupying Territories such as Oregon were "Forced" to choose to "Six Million Dollars for their share of the Indian Wars (divided among at most Sixty Thousand), or become a " Slave Free State!" As a Nation, We Citizens know Slavery to be "Wrong." In the same manner as Citizens we "Must Know" Our Nation is founded in and on "Law" and All Law is Without Emotion. All Law Must be distributed equally, without moral or emotional judgement. To Right the Wrongs in this Present Day we must replace All Current Office Holders with Citizens who believe in the Foundation of Law, and not Politics.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Preservation of the Union was paramount, and Abe was willing to deal with the devil short-term, to gain its future long-term.

      Economically, he knew the peculiar institution was bound to fail. Socially as an abolitionist, he had to bear not taking drastic measures to end it.

      Urgency in preserving our Constitutional republic is no less significant today. There are those who would savor its collapse, externally and internally.

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