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  • CNN is a communist station who wants to listen to this crap?

  • complete idiot

  • Brian is such a "BRATT"!!

  • The Russian Probe and the Pandemic are both connected... to the Deep State and the fundamental transformation of our Republic... Of course, the Left and Progressives in BOTH PARTIES are working to destroy our economy, as it is our economic viability that makes America such a threat to a One World Government.

    Wake up America, we must hit the RESET BUTTON on the corruption... fire ALL of the sitting politicians, and political appointees, judges included... We need a Term Limits and Recall Amendment... and the only way that will happen is if 10 million armed citizens occupy DC while millions more occupy the State Capitols of every State... demanding Government be returned to Citizen Politicians... thru new elections where all of the current government is term-limited out of office and may not run.

    Where are the wealthy patriots willing to finance and organize the people... Where are the patriots of our forefather's stature, willing to pledged their lives, liberty, and fortunes, to charge once more the furnace of freedom's furry... those, who secured liberty in this once Great Republic? Where are the men of Valley Forge and Bunker Hill, those who stood by the rude bridge at Concord... Their flags unfurled, in the April breeze, declaring their cause... there, once stood these embattled farmers, these patriots true, against the steel of the tyrant's blade... and with great resolve did fire the shot, once heard round the world.”...

    Where have they gone, these patriots true... Gone to graveyards every one. Is there one left to raise high their FLAG...too stand by Concords bridge, once more....  shoulder to shoulder, they stood against the tyrant's drums they rallied... with cannons charged and the tyrant's blade wet with the blood of our parents and forefathers they feared not.  Let us not faint from the Task before us, but with the resolve of our patriot fathers pull down the tyrants from their high towers and ring once more liberty's bell ...  Let us now refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and Patriots all.  Let the Bell of Liberty ring true and the sons of liberty be renewed.

  • So where is Brian's rant about the 2 years of Trump/Russia collusion obsessiion by CNN and the rest of the main stream conspiracy news media? Over 500,000 lies/conspiracies and when Mueller came up with a big fat nothing burger, none of the dumbed down news media puppets said a word and did not go after the news media for lying to them! Now how stupid is that?

  • If the shoe was on the other foot, it would be a whole different ballgame!

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