• Lock Fauci in with a cage full of his horny transgender monkeys an sell the whole thing to Tijuana where that type of "Show" is acceptable and popular to sell attendance tickets!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Oh my, I needed this laugh, the mental image is halirious, very sick, but very funny!

    • Why just Tijuana how about DC and Holly Wood with San Francisco and Chicago showing repeat performances...  they ought to be a sellout.  They could hold a screening event before where the Dem's and Holly Wood Stars bring their own monkeys... with a door prize to the best cosmetically endowed. 

    • Sure, do a world tour!

  • Rand Paul is 100% correct when it come to the sick minded Dr. Fauci . Best thing is to fire the little monster before he does more damage .

    • Theodore, I refer to it as anthony Mengele!!!!!  Lara Logan said that and got pulled off of faux news when Mengele whined about her!!!!!  FAUX has become mostly another Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda mechanism of the satyanists!!!!!!!!!!  There are still a few patriots they haven't fired yet but only a very few, most of them aren't worth watching!!!!!!!!!!


  • The federal government under this administration is an evil, hungry beast who voraciously feeds off the dollars of the hardworking American tax payers.  How about we just stop feeding the beast?

    • Christina, how does one stop feeding the beast when tax money is stolen before people even see their paychecks?  The evil political ruling class set it up that way before I was born (I am 72) so they get their cut first!!!!!  We the People can't even give to God first because the government gets theirs before people have a chance to tithe!!!!!!!!  I believ that God will punish them severely at the end of the age!!!!!!!!!


  • As I grew up in childhood, I remember watching cartoons. I didn't believe them to be the "Truth" either, but they were a lot more entertaining than this underwear streek!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Democrats control the DOJ so there will be no investigations, or prosecutions.  How many years now have we witnessed the worthlessness and corruption of our legal system?  It is, but another tool and weapon to be used against the country and its people and in favor of the elite ruling class. 

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