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  • Well, that's one!

  • DemocRats Are The Evil In America! RINOs Too! We The People Are Ready To Revolt! 

  • This nebbish would be eagerly offered by power players to refocus attention away from them. Office holders removed from office and prosecuted truly signifies for justice. I include at every level of government,  all three branches, Executive, Legislative, and especially Judicial. The 2020 election frauds place front and center in full display the vital need for election reforms to correct to the previously properly functioning election processes we have had faith and trust in. Our collective failure to not be ever vigilant to criminality, has led to our miserable state today.

  • Now, let's get a that will scare the daylights out of the rest of the fraudsters. Shine an extremely bright light on her and follow the money. 

  • Without fair elections we are no longer free Americans but political prisoners ruled by communists tyrants! Jesus please send us a Moses! Cry liberty!!!

    • that's what we need


  • well, it should have done a long time ago before the election end.

  • More evidence of voter fraud that the courts won't admit. Nothing in the US is sacred and nothing follows the US Constitution anymore except for President Trump, who speaks the truth and keeps his promises.

    • Sadly true!



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