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Most basic principle of the Constitution: Spending originates in the House, and can only happen when passed by both houses of Congress.

But Biden -- who will "Restore Our Norms," according to the left and the left-leaning NeverTrump neoliberals -- is plotting to simply jettison the entire constitutional structure and just start spending by presidential fiat.

"President Joe Biden is facing calls from more liberal members of his party to use executive actions to bypass Congress and pass his $1.75 trillion Build Back Better plan."

Squad member Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., who chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote in an opinion piece for The Washington Post, that "[W]e are calling on the president to use executive action to immediately improve people's lives. Taking executive action will also make clear to those who hinder Build Back Better that the White House and Democrats will deliver for Americans."

Donkey-Chompers was quick to echo the demand:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., earlier this month tweeted that Biden "needs to lean on his executive authority now."

"He has been delaying and underutilizing it so far. There is an enormous amount he can do on climate, student debt, immigration, cannabis, health care, and more. Time is running out - we need to move and use alternative paths."

And it's not just The Squad.

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  • The Constitution means nothing, or less, to the satanists!!!!!  To them it is an outdated and irrelevant document!!!!!!!!!!

  • In order to get rid of "communist Congress members", we probably have to wait for the Red Wave they're promising us, this year.  If we really do take back the majority of both houses, the members should not have any problem expelling communist critters.

    • Start tomorrow morning calling and emailing your Senators and Reps DEMANDING Election fraud protections or they will use the same corrupt Covid system they built for 2020 and we'll be left bitching about it in 2023.

      Stand up 

      Speak up 

      The Do Matters

      We ARE the Leaders we've been waiting for. 

    • That is a  constant activity; perhaps I do it too much (??) since my own Senate representative (the rino L Graham) no longer responds to me, but I just keep hammering away.

    • Great job, they may ignore the message but they can't forget the volume. 

  • Anyone, everyone, saying 'nobody did anything' should be saying, 'WHAT DID I DO' to save Our Country,

    Every one of us is that 'other person' to everyone else.   Everyone of us has a duty to do whatever we can.

  • I cannot believe that the democrats are so uneducated.  Presidents cannot, in accordance with our Constitution, pass spending bills by executive orders.  On top their ditribe on executive orders, they want money spent on bogus things like climate change.  When are they going to realize that the voters now know that climate change is a code word for spend more taxpayer funds on their pet projects.  When are they going to realize that you cannot cancel student loans.  What happens if they do?  Can my mortagage be cancelled? Can my car loan be cancelled?  Why are student loans more important than my mortgage or car loan?  If you took out a student loan, then pay up loafer.  We owe you nothing, absolutely nothing, for you getting money to go to college and get that degree in flower planting.  Yes we need immigration reform, not money for immigration.  The only money we need to immigration is the money to finish the fence started to keep illegals out of the country.  We have a system for those seeking asylum, so use it if you think you are being threaten in your home country.  Cannabis, are they kidding.  We need to spend hard earned taxpayer money on drugs for the drugees?  What in the hell does cannabis have to do with taxpayers spending money on more illegal drugs for those living on the street.  Get a job.  I have never seen so many hiring signs as there are out there today.  So I too have a solution.  Get a job, pay off your own student loan, forget about the air and water in India, South American and China, pay your taxes and help us reduce the debt.  Yes we do need executive orders.  Those orders should order that we reduce spending, reduce the giveaway programs, have work for your handout money from all government give away programs.  Bottom line: start taking care of yourself when you are physically and mentally able and stop relying of others to give you things.


    • AMEN.

      BTW.   The president, real or fake, has no authority to create a funding of anything other than what was established first, in the House, and then the Senate, finally signed by a legit president.

      Anything other than that is an unauthorized commitment.



    • Agreed.  But more Americans need to wake up to the fact that 'there is method in this madness' - that a) the NWO crowd want us to think that we are a centralized-structured society, so that it's fair enough for (their) president to act like a 'proper' Authority Figure; and b) they are attempting to enlist the youth in their revolution - for 'democracy' - and so they are going all out to attempt to claim their support.  It's the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia all over again, in their minds.  But didn't that end badly for them??  Ah, but Hope springs eternal in the minds and breasts of those who lust for Power Over Others (or POO for short).  They see their success in totalitarian Red China, and want the same for the U.S., and in consequence, the entire world.  For, as the U.S. goes, so will go the entire planet.  Thus, it is for all the Marble now: the lovely blue-green Marble (and Marvel) that is the Earth.  It is all the workings-out of Marxist ideology.  It is for We, the People of the U.S. to stop this juggernaught in its tracks, and allow a greater vision for Humanity to take its rightful place on this Planet of Choice, than the choice of a living hell.           

    • "Yes we do need executive orders.  Those orders should order that we reduce spending, reduce the giveaway programs, have work for your handout money from all government give away programs."

      But NoSlack, you are describing, not documented statements of the Executive that Congressional directives as acts are being implemented, but rather Executive Proclamations, distinctly missing as a federal executive authority. Even this supposed Emergency Power of the Executive has no mandate application to individual civil liberties. It is not our governments role as empowered by the Constitution.

      Frankly, none of those issues are germaine for governments determination. But if they were, it would be in Congressional action, for Executive implementation. 

      Flirting with or tolerating enhanced Executive descretion courts dictatorial disaster.

      We do not need or want a king. IMHO

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