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  • ORGANIZED COMMUNIST REVOLUTION.    The REAL Insurrection!!!.............The S.O.B.'s have the INNOCENT Jan.6th protesters in SOLITUDE with NO CHARGES!!!!


  • So stupid!!!

  • The Civil Service should have arrested all of them - if for nothing else but being BRAINLESS and doing everything they can to destory the country!  We have heard the same crap since the 80's.  Why do some people still believe it?  

  • Always stirring up crap

  • Being the 6 trillion dollar infrastructure bill has only 6% designated to infrastructure, we know this is a giant Democratic scam. Trump was doing far better and it wasn't going to cost a nickel. 

    • All this is is a Slush Fund For Democrats!!!


  • Lock up all those nut jobs! 

  • Freedom of assembly doesn't extend to blocking entrances and exits to buildings or obstructing traffic.  Free Speech doesn't extend to making verbal or physical threats against the President.  All of these protestors were in violation of the law and exceed their Constitutional right to' assembly and speech.

    • Agreed, but what's good for the gander.....!9160755881?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Crazy climate change nut cases

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