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  • Excellent, now let's sue them for violating the rights of the unborn children in their mother's womb...  Science proves life begins at conception... it is not a fetus, it is a Baby, a human being, in the womb of a mother.

  • how come planned parenthood escapes the wrath of those who want to end racism ? in the 40  years since abortion was legal , more black lives have been  : killed than ever by lynching , tormented by being and aborted than whipped than all the time that slavery was legal. planned parenthood was founded by margaret sanger who had severe animosity towards black people. she foounded planned parenthood as a way to control the black population

  • A:  The ACLU is the REAL DEVEL in all of this. The ACLU gets all the money support from the Develcrats to support the Planed Parenthood operation the over 70% of the abortions are of the negro race. Something very wrong there. All that money should be going to education and protection for ALL women to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

    B; 1. DNA is a World standard to identify ONE PERSON  on the planet.  2. DNA has NO LEGAL TIME LINE as to when it legally starts to be recognized from start to end. 3.  ALL babies have DNA.From day 1 of gestation. 4. ALL HUMANS  in the USA that can be identified by DNA have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. 5. ALL abortions violated that person's RIGHTS and the MD/person performing the abortion should be charged with First Degree Homicide. The mother charged as an excessary to FDH. when will we wise up and start inforcing the ALREADY existing LAWS?  I am retired PD Forensics Investigator and have seen too many dead babies.  SAVE ALL THE BABIES.  "STB"

  • Planned ParentHOOD, the new face of the KKK. If black lives mattered to these soros tools, then the women would be sure to use protection, they know if they get pregnant an abortion is like going to have their hair done, not even a second thought that they snuffed out a life. It tells you where their values lie. Planned parent hood is also a money laundering scheme, taking federal funds for what reason we'll never know, laundering the money to the leftist politicians. It's like paying for your murderer's bullets and gun. Why does the federal gubment give planned parenthood so much money? I thought they were making big bucks off the baby body parts that the doctor tears off while the baby is still in the womb or birth canal.

  • That is great!

  • I'm so sick of BLM. Why don't these people get off their butts and do something productive instead of complain all the time? 


  • BRAVO.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AMERICA IS WAKING UP..........

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